Reef Diving
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Reef Diving

USA Toll Free: +1 844 MDIVERS (+1 844 634 8377)

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Reef Diving Related Questions

scuba diving with soft contact lenses rarely causes problems. However, DAN advises against diving with hard or gas permeable contact lenses as they may suction painfully to the eye due with the increased pressure underwater, or may cause blurry vision when air bubbles becomes trapped between the lens and the eye. When diving with soft lenses, a diver should be sure to close his eyes if he floods or removes his scuba mask to avoid accidentally washing the contact lens away. A diver who uses contact lenses should also consider bringing contact lens rewetting drops along to the dive site. Rewetting drops will help in the extremely rare event that a diver's soft contact lenses become stuck to his eyes from the increased pressure of the dive.

Diving is possible after most types of corrective eye surgery. Before returning to the water after eye surgery, a diver must allow time for his eyes to fully recover. Waiting times vary among surgical procedures, and of course, a diver should attend a follow up consultation with his doctor to confirm that his eyes have fully healed before returning to the water. Any surgical procedure that compromises the structural integrity of the eye may be a contraindication for scuba diving. Surgeries which involve cutting the eye (as opposed to laser procedures) and surgeries for serious conditions such as glaucoma may weaken the strength of the eye. Consult a ophthalmologist before diving if you have had eye surgery for a serious eye condition.

If you have a PADI scuba certification, we can check your details direct with PADI. Please provide your name as it appears on your card and your date of birth. If you contact PADI giving them the details of where you were certified, they can help you obtain a new card before your dive holiday begins.

We always recommend at least a 3 mm full length wetsuit, because making 3-4 dives a day, you may get chilled. but temperature in the park are mostly warm and wetsuit is not needed.

English is the main language of communication on all our scuba diving trips. However, some of our guides speaks Italian, German and French too, if you feel confortable with a certain language let us know and we will try to accommodate you with the corresponding guide.

We use Yoke valves mainly, however we also have DIN available up to request since we need to prepare the tanks removing the adapters, let us know forehand if you requiere DIN

All your personal scuba gear (except tanks, weights and weight belts), a bathing suit, towel, toiletries, T-shirts, shorts, and sun cream.

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