Sailfish Snorkeling Encounter
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Sailfish Snorkeling Encounter

USA Toll Free: +1 844 MDIVERS (+1 844 634 8377)

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Swim and Snorkel with the fastest fish in the ocean!
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Sailfish Snorkeling Encounter Related Questions

While swimming with Sailfish, we have had sightings of Manta Rays, schools of Atlantic Bonitos, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins and even Wahoo's.

Every year, approximately from December to March, large schools of sailfish arrive to the warm Caribbean waters near Isla Mujeres chasing schools of sardines. The sardines form a massive shimmering ball, thousands of tiny fish moving as one. Sailfish congregate around the balls of sardines; often in groups of 20 to 40. They take turns piercing through these moving balls separating the group into smaller clusters then feasting on their helpless prey. The rest of the sailfish wait eagerly for their turn on the edges while seabirds fly overhead, diving into to steal what prey they can. Watching the sardines dance in unison to avoid their quick thinking predators is an thrilling and unforgettable sight.

The Sailfish chase the sardines to the surface where they circle their prey, pushing the school of sardines into tight groups. Swimming among the waves is the best way to approach the sailfish and to keep up with them as the ‘bait ball’ of sardines swings and moves from one spot to the next. Using scuba equipment creates drag that makes it challenging to keep up with the Sailfish and the noise of the bubbles makes it difficult to approach the fish. For these reasons we believe it is best practice freediving and snorkeling.

This winter you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to snorkel and swim with Sailfish in their natural habitat. You will need a fast boat and an experienced crew to find the Sailfish and place you in the middle of the action. Our boat is setup for such an activity and provides a comfortable environment for a long day chasing after these incredible animals. If you are ready to swim with the fastest fish in the sea, then join me for the encounter of a lifetime!

They eat flying fish and squid, preferring tunas, mackerels, jacks and other fish that swim near the ocean’s surface.

The average length is 6 to 8 feet, but the world's record holder caught in 1994 weighed 141 pounds and was over ten feet long.

Some studies have been done to examine the growth rate of the fish with some pretty amazing findings. After a female sailfish lays her eggs they hatch 36 hours later! They are also a fast growing species, where a hatchling can grow up to six feet long in one year's time.

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