Whale Shark Snorkeling Encounter
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Whale Shark Snorkeling Encounter

USA Toll Free: +1 844 MDIVERS (+1 844 634 8377)

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Swim and Snorkel with the biggest fish in the ocean!
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Whale Shark Snorkeling Encounter Related Questions

While swimming with Whale Sharks, we have had sightings of Manta Rays, schools of Atlantic Bonitos, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins and even Wahoo's.

Every year, approximately from June to mid September, large groups of Whale Sharks congregate to the warm Caribbean waters near Isla Mujeres feeding on plankton and other elements at the surface. The plankton, krill and also eggs from fish spawn enrich the biomass in the water, creating millions of thousands of tiny particles floating and suspended close to the surface. Whale Sharks congregate at the surface to feed on those particles; often in groups of 50 to 100. They slowly move filtering the water. Watching the Whale Sharks feed at the surface while swimming amoung them is an thrilling and unforgettable sight.

The Whale Sharks eat at the surface where they filter the water, moving slowly and steady around. Swimming among the waves is the best way to approach the Whale Shark and to keep up with them as they moves from one spot to the next. Using scuba equipment creates drag that makes it challenging to keep up with the Whale Sharks and the noise of the bubbles makes it difficult to approach the fish. For these reasons we believe it is best practice freediving and snorkeling.

This summer you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to snorkel and swim with Whale Shark in their natural habitat. You will need a fast boat and an experienced crew to find the Whale Shark and place you in the middle of the action. Our boat is setup for such an activity and provides a comfortable environment for a long day chasing after these incredible animals. If you are ready to swim with the biggest fish in the sea, then join me for the encounter of a lifetime!

They eat plankton, eggs from fish spawn, Krill and other fish that swim near the ocean’s surface.

The biggest specimen recorded measured in at 12.18 metres long, weighing 11 tonnes and a mouth 1.36 metres long. There have been numerous claims of whale sharks of up to 18 metres long but are unconfirmed.

Touching the whale sharks and any marine life is strictly prohibited. In line with the Code of Conduct, for the safety of customers and the whale sharks, swimmers must stay a minimum of 3 metres away from the body and 4 metres away from the tail. A full and comprehensive briefing is given onboard by the guides before the whale shark interaction.

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